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Hidalgo Tulancingo Corridor

This Corridor called Hidalgo Tulancingo Corridor is the mecca for waters ports and is named after its main location of Tulancingo, from where the majority of the sports are promoted. Sporting activities at the Hidalgo Tulancingo Corridor are classified under the 4 elements of air, water, fire and earth and include hot air ballooning, fresh water […]


Hidalgo Mexico Tourism

The Hidalgo tourism authority has divided the state’s attractions into what they call “corridors” all with similar themes which make choosing your specific interest easier. Whether your interest in Hidalgo tourism be historic, action sports, fishing, hiking or simply a mix of all these, the 6 corridor areas offer something for everyone, young and old.


Hidalgo Mountain Corridor

First we have the Hidalgo Mountain Corridor or, Corridor de la Montaña in Spanish, which is dedicated to eco and nature tourism and includes a numerous different climates and interesting ecosystems. Popular activities in these areas are; camping, extreme sports as well as family outdoor activities. Places of particular touristic interest along the Hidalgo Mountain […]