Hidalgo Mexico Facts

indigenous people hidalgo mexico

  • Over one-sixth of the state’s population speaks an indigenous language.

Pachuca mexico

  • The capital city of Pachuca is referred to as La Bella Airosa (the beautiful windy city) because of the strong northeastern winds that can reach 75 kilometers (47 miles) per hour. Furthermore, than 2,400 meters (7,874 feet) in elevation, it is also one of Mexico’s highest and coldest cities.

Reloj Monumental pachuca Hidalgo

  • Pachuca’s central clock tower called the Reloj Monumental (monumental clock) was built in 1904. Its bell was manufactured by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, the same company that made the Liberty Bell and London’s Big Ben.

chinicuiles hidalgo mexico

  • Ants’ eggs (escamoles) and grubs (chinicuiles) that thrive in the maguey cactus are a local delicacy for residents of Hidalgo.

Mask of Zorro Hidalgo Mexico

  • The Mask of Zorro movie from 1998 film which featured Antonio Banderes and Catherine Zeta-Jones was filmed in various areas Hidalgo.

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