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Hidalgo is one of the 31 states which, with the Federal District, comprise the 32 Federal Entities of Mexico. It is divided in 84 municipalities and its capital city is Pachuca de Soto. Hidalgo has a population of about 2.4 million. Hidalgo is just one of over 60 official online guides covering the whole of Mexico. If you´re planning a trip to Mexico and would like discover our fabulous nation before visiting or, if you´d like to visit a specific place in Mexico, then you´ve come to the right place.

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Benito Juárez created the State of Hidalgo in 1869. He chose as capital of the state the city of Pachuca to which was included the name “de Soto” in acknowledgment of Manuel Fernando Soto, who was the instrumental driving force in creating the state. Hidalgo is one of Mexico´s most popular places, visited by millions of people over the last decade. When you travel to Hidalgo you may wish to check out the Hidalgo hotels we have available or maybe you´d like to rent a car in Hidalgo? We also offer extensive day trips in Hidalgo. This unique place has simply amazing things to see. We´ve also compiled a list of Travel books on Hidalgo Mexico.

Hidalgo was named after Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the originator of the Mexican War of Independence.

Located in Eastern Mexico, Hidalgo is bordered by Veracruz on the north and San Luis Potosi with Puebla on the east, Queretaro on the west and Tlaxcala on the south.

Hidalgo has numerous notable native cultures such as the Otomi tribe. There are also two notable immigrant cultures, those of the descendants of British miners from the Cornish region who left Cornwall for Mexico in 1825, sailing from Falmouth England. There is also, a small Jewish enclave which alleges to be descended from Sephardi Jews which came to New Spain in the 16th century.

Hidalgo his a hotspot for ecotourism, cultural and archeological tourist attractions together with the Huasteca area, the famous ruins of Tula, old haciendas, natural hot water springs and impressive mountain ranges.

Whether you are visiting Hidalgo in Mexico for business, pleasure or both, we´re sure that Hidalgo will meet all of your expectations and that the people of Hidalgo will make you feel welcome while sampling some of the unique cuisine on offer in the Hidalgo Restaurant districts.