Hidalgo Economy

Hidalgo mexico mining

Hidalgo Mexico has experienced a boom in Industrial development over the past few decades; textiles and cement products being the state’s big earning exports. Hidalgo’s mines yield valuable metal ores such as manganese, zinc, iron, copper, gold and silver. Other abundant minerals include gypsum, clays and lime.

Hidalgo Autoparts manufacturing

Revenue is also derived from auto parts segment, industrial metalworking and oil production. A little known fact is that the state is fast becoming one of Mexico’s pioneers in the assembly of subway and railroad cars, heavy machinery, automobiles and commercial vehicles.

Sugar Cane crops hidalgo mexico

La Huasteca, in the northern part of the state produces some of Hidalgo’s chief export crops, including sugarcane, corn, oats, barley, wheat, beans, chilies, fruits and coffee.

maguey cactus hidalgo

Another main crop is the maguey cactus, an agave plant also known as the American aloe even though it is not related to true aloes. In arid and rocky areas where crops cannot be irrigated, maguey cultivation provides regular income to the population in remote areas of the state. The liquid called agua miel (honey water) is extracted from the plant’s center and fermented to make the popular drink pulque.