archeological site tula

Hidalgo Mexico | Tula Ruins

Spread over a vast area you´ll find the archeological site of Tula which is just outside the modern town of Tula de Allende. The largest cluster of ceremonial structures is nicknamed Tula Grande, while a smaller group is called Tula Chico. The site features a terraced pyramid, the towering Atlantes warrior statues, the Palacio Quemado […]

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Hidalgo Tolteca Corridor

The Hidalgo Tolteca Corridor focuses primarily on the archeological site of Tula, which was the habitat of one of the main pre-Hispanic civilizations living in Mexico. Many of the oldest 16th century monasteries of the state are found at the Hidalgo Tolteca Corridor. Main municipalities included in the Tolteca Corridor are; Tula de Allende, Atotonilco […]

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