Hidalgo Mexico | Tula Ruins

Hidalgo Tula de Allende

Spread over a vast area you´ll find the archeological site of Tula which is just outside the modern town of Tula de Allende. The largest cluster of ceremonial structures is nicknamed Tula Grande, while a smaller group is called Tula Chico.

Palacio Quemado hidalgo

The site features a terraced pyramid, the towering Atlantes warrior statues, the Palacio Quemado and reclining sculptures thought to depict the rain god called Tlaloc. There are also two large courts which confirm the popularity of the Mesoamerican ballgame Tlachtli (or Tlaxco), which was played by the Toltecs hundreds of years ago. Legend has it that Tula is where the gods Quetzalcóatl and Tezcatlipoca had an epic battle between darkness and light.

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